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    • Nice one! Glad to see you back with some great updates.
    • Very nice updates! Especially the smithing and mboxes
    • This is the appeal format, anything else will not be considered. In-Game Name: Who punished you? @[Player name here] What was the punishment? How long ago were you punished? Why? Is there anything else you would like to add?  
    • The Update everyones been waiting for... With more to come soon, have a good read everyone.   - Extended the amount of letters/numbers in your title via ::title - Rebalanced karil's and black dragon hide, also boosted pernix chaps defence - Added alot more experience for smithing all rune items, the more bars you use the more exp you get. - Fixed the teleport spell in the combat script at vet'ion in gold portal - Added legendary gem to announced drops - Added announcements to forging all spirit shields - Added mystery box's in boss points shop - Added rejuvenation alter to ::Dz - Fixed trident of the sea's it now is wield-able - Added NEW BONE TREE to PvP skilling area, It can be chopped for noted big bones for some prayer experience or most importantly a chance at getting legendary gem from burying or using them on the alter! - Platinum Portal has a pvp free bone tree and coin chest! personal shop coming soon - Increased price that all barrows sell / alch for - Reduced respawn timers of dragon ore, wilderness ore is now every 10 minutes, and the masters mining guild is every 20 minutes (old was 15min, 30min) - Added a price to dragonite ore and dragonite bars for people to sell to shop. - Buffed all toxic blowpipes including magma in pvp, and slightly nerfed for pvm - Buffed all twisted bows in pvm, the legendary twisted bows special attack is been mega buffed in strength and accuracy (use legendary arrows for true legendary effect) - Buffed accuracy of legendary dark bows special attack   Upcoming updates   - New minigame at mage bank. possibly a pvp area minigame - New dungeon in pvp with new bosses chest loots - More additions to platinum portal, such as shops with exclusive items, skilling supplies, and pvm supplies. - Diamond private island portal with bosses, custom shop with special items, Such as fast access teleports to evolution dungeon for example... - Zulrah fix (this ones taking a while but it will get done) - Colored slayer helms - Clue scroll fixes - Boosting treasure island loots - New items and exclusives coming soon - More pvp skilling opportunities - Weekly Owner hosted events for grand prizes and runner ups! - Upgradable armour and jewelry with set bonuses and abilities - A spirit shield that can be made from all spirit shields combined. This shield will have the power of all shields and be good for all combat styles!   With much more to come...   Thats it for today, I Hope to have another update out for you guys within the next few days! Untill then thanks for reading guys and enjoy! -Test
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